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I'm going to try not to boss him around too much but he'll have to cooperate. As long as he takes care of himself and does what the doctor wants I won't have to tell him Imagefap anything."

When Livy went into the house for the iced tea pitcher and bottle of whiskey, Uncle Frank smiled after her then gave me a thumbs up sign. Aunt Mary leaned toward me and also smiled.

"I like your girlfriend, Silas. She's sweet."

I wasn't sure anyone had accused Livy of being sweet before. I wanted to correct their take on our relationship but wasn't sure which way to go. I knew I'd have to come out to them sooner or later. It made me uncomfortable to let them go on assuming things about me that weren't true. But I wasn't sure this was the right time with Livy here. It suddenly occurred to me that Dad would probably be present at any future conversations with the Perrys so this might be my last chance to have a reasonable discussion with them. Livy returned with the drinks and I decided to go for it.

"Before you go any further and start planning our wedding, I think there's something you should know, folks."

I could see by the confused look on her face on Imagefap that Livy was wondering what had gone on in the two minutes she'd been in the house.

"Livy's not my girlfriend, just a friend. You see, I'm gay. Mom knew about it for a number of years but Dad found out just before I left home." Neither of them showed much of any kind of reaction. "You know what I'm talking about?"

"Of course we do," Uncle Frank growled. "We may be farmers but we're not dumb hicks."

"I know you're not but you didn't seem to be reacting."